Being merely a infant in blog years, I have yet to establish what exactly this blog is for. Perhaps for pictures. Perhaps for tirades. Or perhaps for my own entertainment. I know for sure that this blog will be VERY random!

Friday, June 23, 2006


Yesterday, I was introduced to Pocoyo! Pocoyo is a kids' show that blows Dora the Exployer out of the water! Victor Navone posted an episode on his blog via (you gotta love youtube), and I fell in love. My favorite episode is The Big Sneeze!

There is also a blog just for the show!

The duck is amazing...too bad the show is only on in Europe and Japan.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Some photo fun...

Well, I have been working for a month now, and I finally saved up enough for something I have always wanted...a good digital camera. I got a Nikon D50 and I absolutely love it. I am a novice, so I am still working out the kinks and goofing around with it. I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures that I have taken thus far. Enjoy!

Here are two pictures of my other cat, Mr. Big. He is know for is akward sleeping positions and his constanty drowsy look.

This is Senghe, and he is known for his bitter and angry look.

Have a great week!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cars Review

Yesterday was an amazing day for animation! I saw Cars twice within a five hour blew my mind.

Let me just say, if you have any doubt about seeing this movie, put it aside and go buy a ticket right now. Drop whatever you are doing and go see it...actually, buy tickets for two showings back to back, because I am absolutely sure that you are going to want to see it again right after.

The animation was splendid, the story was touching, the humor was knee-slaping, the characters captured my heart. I have to see it a few more times!!!

When you see the movie, make sure you pay attention to the camera angles. I was watching an interview with an animator (I truly can't remember who) and he was discussing the camera angles they chose for the racing scenes. The angles chosen where perfect...they gave the race such speed! It was incredible! Also, the angles where something that could never be achieved in a real life race. Another thing, pay attention to the scenery. Everything ties in with the car world! A ton of thought was put into this movie and a lot of times it just goes unnoticed.

I loved how John Lasseter and the Pixar crew overcame the limitation of cars only have wheels -no hands- lots of buttons were used! Very innovative!

Go see it! Now!

P.S. Guido is the BEST Pixar character ever! I love him...
P.S.S. Make sure to stay through the credits! You'll regret it if you don't...

Here is a good review from