Being merely a infant in blog years, I have yet to establish what exactly this blog is for. Perhaps for pictures. Perhaps for tirades. Or perhaps for my own entertainment. I know for sure that this blog will be VERY random!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Cookie Monster on Martha Stewart

My opinion of Martha Stewart is indifferent after all that has happened to her, but I couldn't resist putting this up. Cookie Monster just goes crazy with Martha. I am suprised that she didn't strangle him by the end.

As a young child, I used to be really scared of Cookie Monster. I think it was the way he ate his cookies. It gave me the idea that he could also eat kids, too. XD The word monster in his name didn't help, either. After these videos, Cookie Monster redemed himself in my book!

There are two videos. You have to stick with the first takes a while for him to get belligerent. The second one is absolutely hilarious!
Part 1

Part 2

What is a kookaburra?

A kookaburra is a Australian bird whose call is recognized as a laugh-like noise. Hence, the naming of my blog, The Laughing Kookaburra. Its call is used in jungle noises in many movies even though it occurs only in eastern Australian.

For more info on the Kookaburra look here!