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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Childhood Dreams

When I was a kid, I watched Bill Nye the Science Guy religiously. You could say he was my hero. Yes, I was a huge nerd, but that is not the point. He recently came to UF, and I was able to attend a speaking event. He gave an excellent speech on environmentalism and the importance of science in fixing today's problems.
After the event, I got to thinking that my childhood self would probably have exploded like something out of a Mythbuster's episode if she new that one day see would see Bill Nye in person. Then I thought about all the things that I have gotten to do, that my childhood self only dreamed about. Live in Africa. Work with Bald Eagles. Fly a plane. SEE BILL NYE IN PERSON. It just makes me excited to think that if I work hard enough the dreams that I have today-now-can someday happen.


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