Being merely a infant in blog years, I have yet to establish what exactly this blog is for. Perhaps for pictures. Perhaps for tirades. Or perhaps for my own entertainment. I know for sure that this blog will be VERY random!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Georgia Aquarium

If you have the opportunity to go to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta...go for it! It was an incredible experience! The whale sharks blew me away, and the way they displayed the fish was breath taking. I uploaded a few of the photos to my flickr. Go take a look, if you get a chance. They come up in much better quality there than they do here.

While in Atlanta, I went to Ikia, to pick out furniture for my new apartment. I will be moving in around december. Once I have it all decorated, I will be sure to take some good pictures of it!

Oh, I can't wait for the holiday season to roll around! That way I can post more...right now organic chemistry is taking up all my time!

Until next time...Ciao!


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