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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Everest: Beyond the Limit

The mini series on Discovery Channel, Everest: Beyond the Limit, has brought me back to my slight obsession with said mountain. This Sunday at 5pm Discovery is going to have a marathon of the entire series, if you would like to catch it.

There is something about the mountain that is bewitching, and not just mount everest, but all mountains. I am a skier. I have been skiing since I was 6. Maybe I sound weird by saying this, but something comes over me when I am skiing. No matter how dangerous the weather is getting, I want to stay out there. I want to conquer the mountain. It gives me power while at the same time I feel so small. I love it!

The article gives a great insight to what is presently happening to Mount Everest. It is very tragic. The author makes a lot of good points on how the climbers that go to Mount Everest are changing. Take a look at it!


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