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Friday, January 06, 2006

Pixar: 20 Years of Animation

I happened to be in New York on Dec 26, so I got to catch MOMA's exhibit on Pixar. I was blown away! The way the art was presented was fun and engaging, and everyone seemed to be having fun! They had a wonderful audio tour with interviews of the directors and animators that was very informitive. What I loved so much about it was that everyone already new the characters, so there was already a connection between the people and the art.

They also had T.V.s showing the various shorts Pixar has made through there 20 years of history. There was always a big crowd gathered around them constantly laughing! I saw people standing there for almost an hour!

I also got to see a showing of One Man Band...I was blown away. It amazes me how Pixar created such vibrant characters, even though a word wasn't spoken by them, through expressions, music, and gestures.

If you are in NY, this exhibit is a must!

The museum posted the audio tour. The tour is accompanied by a Flash presentation of some of the images in the exhibit. Enjoy!


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